In this page, you will learn how to setup and use tickets.

Tickets are a brand new feature to Vibez, so you may come across a bug! If this happens, please report it in bug-reports.

When a ticket is created, the user who created the ticket, and ticket staff and admins will be able to interact with the ticket.


Setting up tickets!

Setting up tickets can be difficult, but we've tried to make it as simple as possible! You're able to use the deafult settings which are listed in the tab, or set it up yourself using the information we've provided in the other tabs. The command to setup tickets is /setup tickets <options>.

If you'd prefer to use Vibez default ticket system, you're able to run /setup tickets. If not, make sure to look at the other tabs so you can correctly set up your ticket system!

The default settings for tickets can be found below:



Create a new ticket by clicking on the button below!


Create ticket





The channel where /setup was ran


It goes to the top of the server and has no category


A role named "Ticket Support" (role not automatically made)



Using ticket commands!

Tickets have commands staff/admins are able to use to make your experience better! The command is /ticket <subcategory>. More information can be found in the tabs below.

  • /ticket create user:<user>

With the create ticket command, users with the ticket admin role are able to create a ticket for someone else.

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