Learn how to use our Roblox systems.

WARNING: Do not share your API key with anyone, doing this will give them access to rank people in your group.

The products are still in development and are subject to change frequently.

API key

At the moment you have to be a premium customer to get an API key, you can do this by messaging Jacob.#0001 or jess after donating 5 euros / 1000 Robux or more. (one-time payment)


⚠ IT IS VERY IMPORTANT IT STAYS IN ServiceScriptService or your key will be stolen. ⚠ Create a new script in ServiceScriptService and put the following code on top:

local VibezService = require(10352069452)
local funcs = VibezService("YOURKEYHERE") --//YOUR KEY


Everything works with modules which you can enable/disable separately, as shown in the example below:

funcs:EnableCommands("YOURPREFIXHERE") --//YOUR PREFIX I.E "!" or ":"

Thank you

I would like to thank Tom (LearnCSharp) / Tom!#2769 for making the Roblox system. All credits go to him.

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