💡Custom commands (cc)

In this page, you will learn how to create, view, edit and delete custom commands.

When a user runs a custom command, the bot will send respond with the set message!

There are two types of custom commands: text and embed.


Creating custom commands!

To create a cc, please run the following command:

  • /cc add text name: <command name>

  • You then need to add a response by using the option response: <response>

You are then able to include the following options if you wish:

  • channel: <channel> (The channel it is allowed to be sent in)

  • allowedroles: <role> (The role allowed to run the command)

We highly advise against using capitals in a command name.

Viewing custom commands!

There are two ways to view custom commands: a list of all the custom commands or the settings of a particular command.

To view a list of all the custom commands created with your bot run /cc view list.

To view a particular command, run /cc view settings command: <command name>. This will show you all of settings for that command from the response to who created/edited the command!

Editing custom commands!

Editing a custom command is simple! Start by running /cc edit text|embed name: <command name>. You are then able to select the option you want changed and replace it with the new value. Keep in mind if you don't edit a certain option it will not change!

Deleting custom commands!

To delete a custom command, run /cc delete command name: <command name>.

Multiline slash commands are only supported on Discord mobile. If you don't have access to a mobile, don't hesitate to contact our support team! We'll happily do it for you.

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