📈Member counter

In this page, you will learn how to setup the membercounter.

This documentation might not be accurate as we prep for v2 of membercounters.

Display and track the member count of your group, showing who joined in real-time!




The ID of your Roblox group.


The message sent when someone joins.


The message sent when someone leaves. (see message below)


Enable (True) or Disable (False) embeds with the membercounter.


The channel to log new members into.


The channel to log old members into.


The character you want to use to separate the numbers. (more info below)

The membercounter has a default message, however you are able to customise it to say what you'd like!

An example of this is the membercounter set up in Vibez: 💚 Username has joined {name}.{newline} We've reached {membercount} members! We're {togo} away from {goal}. In the table below, you can find variables and their descriptions which you are able to use in your membercounter message.



The name of the group.


The amount has the group has gained/lost.


The group has "lost" or "gained".


The amount of members now.


Amount until goal.




[NEW] The username of the user which joined the group.


[NEW] The user ID of the user which joined the group.


[NEW] The display name of the user which joined the group.


Add an ordinal to your message (st, nd, rd)

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