In this page, you will learn how to setup the welcomer.

When someone joins/leaves your Discord server, the bot will send a message of your choice into a channel!

The welcomer command has a join and leave option.


  • To enable(true)/disable(false) this command, run /welcomer join enabled true|false

  • To choose the channel, run /welcomer join channel <#channel>

  • To customize the message, run /welcomer join message <message>

In the table there are variables and their descriptions which you are able to use in your welcomer message.



Shows the username of the member who joined/left. (Jacob.)


Shows the username and tag of the member who joined/left. (Jacob.#0001)


Shows the ID of the member who joined/left. (514350060515885058)


Mentions the user who joined/left. (@Jacob.#0001)


Show your server name in the message.


Shows the amount of people in your server currently.

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